Joint Degree

Developing Joint Degree Programs with Top Universitie

Signing Ceremony of the Graduate Schools of Medicine of the University of Adelaide, Nagoya University, and University of Freiburg

 Due to the worldwide internationalization of higher education,top Asian universities are adopting significant changes by establishing cooperative relationships in research and education with top universities throughout the world.
 To join the upper rankings of the Top 100 universities in the world by 2020,Nagoya University seeks to first, increase our faculty members’ peer-reviewed publications with international co-authors and second, to raise the percentage of international faculty on our campus. To make it easier for our researchers to collaborate with those in foreign nations we are establishing an”International Joint Education and Research Unit for the Establishment of Joint Degree Programs ”
 In 2014, the Graduate School of Medicine established a Joint Degree Program with the University of Adelaide in Australia. We hope to use this as a model to expand our partnerships with approximately 20 other research universities with which we have a history of exchange.

Action Plan(2015-2017)

Increase number of International Joint Education and Research Units for the Establishment of Joint Degree Programs
・Currently 2 units in Adelaide and Freiburg→5Unit
・Build on existing Joint Supervision Programs and Double Degree Programs→Joint Degree Program
・Encourage international exchange of researchers
Increase peer-reviewed publications with international co-authors
Increase international faculty members (97 faculty members→120faculty members)
Place in Top 100 in university Index Rankings such as THE or QS
・Increase awareness of Nagoya University research output through International Joint Education Programs
・Establish International Research Network by inviting world-class researchers to Nagoya University.