World-Class Research

Supporting World-Class Research

 In addition to the TGU project, the Ministry of Education has selected Nagoya University for other large-scale research projects such as WPI and COI. Inspired by our six Nobel Prize laureates, faculty are contributing to the development of an innovation hub and one of Japan’s top research institutions.
 Despite high quality research output however,Nagoya University performs less well than might be expected in many of the world university rankings. While this is not our only motivation,it does suggest that more can be done to improve. Through the TGU project, we aim to establish ourselves as one of the world’s top research universities.

Action Plan(2015-2017)

Establishing Research-Hubs with WPI-Next Program
・Research groups with top researchers (3) as core member (Average under 40 years of age
・Invite front-line researchers from abroad to collaborate with Nagoya University faculty
・Strategic effort to hire international researchers
・Number of Units: Present 2 units→Morethan 3 units
Support for young researchers, female researchers, and international researchers
Young Leaders Cultivation (YLC)Program
・Hire 10 promising young scholars as designated assistant professors for 3 years (2years extension possible). Support their own innovative research. Recommend overseas study for more than 1 year.
・Special admission for female scholars: Present 2→More than 3
・Special admission for international scholars: Present 3→More than 3
・Promising scholars will be selected as S-YLC scholar with research fund Present 5 →More than 8
Young researcher units for the advancement of new and undeveloped fields
・Create research units with a variety of research fields, for 3 years
・Number of Units: Present 6 units→More than 7 units
Technical Support by Promotion Office for Academic Research, Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration
・Support applications for research funds
・Assistance for holding international conferences in Nagoya
・Financial support to invite foreign researchers