About TGU

Let’s raise NU into the community of Top Global Universities !!

President Naoshi Sugiyama

     Nagoya University has been attracting moreattention every year, having produced half of Japan’ s Nobel Laureates in the 21st century. Also, as our university is located in one of the world’s most productive industrial districts, we have been contributing to both the local and global communities.

     To remain viable in a context of intense global competition, NU must raise itself into the top tier of research and educational institutions. By achieving global status, we will be able to attract talented students and researchers, who will open the door to new advances in human understanding worldwide.

     In 2014, the Ministry of Education selected NU for the TGU project. Our concept of TGU strategies can provide an ideal figure of NU in the future, and I sincerely hope that faculty, staff and students will use their knowledge, skills and courage to advance toward the goal. As the president of Nagoya University I would like to be at the forefront of those efforts.

Operation Sheet

Operadion Sheet(Term of ActionⅡ(2018-2020))