Expanding Academic

Expanding Academic Network in Asia

Becoming a Hub University that grows with a Developing Asia
 Nagoya University has always been at the forefront of cultivating Human Resources from various Asian countries in areas such as Law, Medicine, and International Development, and is held in high regard both at home and abroad. Everyone,such as the Legal Human Resources cultivated by the Center for Asian Legal Exchange(CALE)’s ”Japanese Legal Education throught the Japanese Language” program or Administrators cultivated by the Young Leaders' Program(YLP)’s Healthcare Administration course, forms part of Nagoya University’s Human and Intellectual Networks as future national leaders,and with these graduates playing a central role we have established 14 alumni associations overseas and are working to strengthen our networks. Through such efforts to expand our engagement in education and research an environment of diversity, we aim to become a Hub University that grows together with a Developing Asia.
Expanding Nagoya University’s Asian Satellite Campuses
 Under the cooperation of governments and partner universities based on our history of contributing to the cultivating of human resources of various Asian countries and the networks established throught activities,the Asian Satellite Campus Institute has commenced the ”Education Program for the Development of Core National Human Resources of Asian Nations” and is currently implementing high quality Ph.D programs on both the main campus and the Asian Satellite Campuses.
 Our next objective is to establish Satellite Campuses in 8 countries (Curent:Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Planned:Indonesia, Laos, Uzbekistan, Myanmar etc) by 2016, and cultivate 50 or more Core National Human Resources across 5 areas(Law,Medicine,Bio-Agriculture,International Development,Environmental Studies)within 10 years.

Action Plan(2015-2017)

Persistent Development of Highly Specialized Asian Human Resources
・Legal Human Resources「Japanese Legal Education through the
Japanese Language」 program, Healthcare Administration Human
Resources through YLP (Every year)
Establishment of 「Nagoya University International Student Alumni Association Network」
・Promote Research・Education・Employment that utilizes Overseas Alumni Associations.
Expansion・Establishment of Agreements within ASEAN regions through utilizing the Bangkok Office etc.
・Strengthening of Bangkok Office (2015)
・Pursue a comprehensive International Strategy utilizing Network of Overseas Offices.
Health Management of Faculty working in Various Asian Countries
・Strong cooperation with Bangkok Hospital, which has the best equipment within East Asia and is networked with surrounding countries.
Cultivation of Core National Human Resources through Asian Satellite Campuses
・Establishment of Satellite Campuses in Indonesia, Laos, and Uzbekistan(2015)
・Establishment of Satellite Campus in Myanmar(2016)
・First recipients of Doctoral Degrees in Legal Studies・Bio-Agriculture(2017)
Strengtheningof Cooperation with ASEAN Regions
・Strengthening of relationships with related Universities/International Organizations, Conduct Joint Research Projects (Gradually from 2015)

Action Plan(2018-2020)

Promotion of our “Transnational Doctoral Programs for Leading Professionals in Asian Countries”
・Dispatch faculty who will serve as core academic advisors
・Hire faculty at local universities as designated faculty of our university
・Offer supervision remotely via videoconferencing or other telecommunications systems
・Provide short-term schooling in Japan
・Provide financial support while in Japan through the Nagoya University Foundation
・Expand our network out from our head office in Thailand into the wider Southeast Asian region

Applied Social System Institute of Asia (ASSIA)
・Carry out collaborative research with scholars, particularly those in the humanities and
 social sciences, who are based in Asia
・Invite scholars from the science and engineering to participate, depending on the research topic